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Caterpillars will often eat plants with toxicity...They will then make use of these toxins for their own survival. This often shows up in the bright reds and other luminescent colors in a butterfly’s wings that are useful in protecting the butterfly from consumption by predators.
— Butterflies Feature Film


  B   u   t    t   e   r   f   l   i   e   s    

The Film.


Butterflies is a narrative drama that delves into the psychological effects of bullying and verbal abuse inflicted on young girls and how it affects them developmentally.

As we follow the lead character, Melanie, the story chronicles her freshman year as she is verbally abused. 

There are a handful of causes that I believe are worthy of our on-going, close attention. Bullying is one. If the children are our future, then bullying is a force that seeks to destroy us...This film is at once raw, enraging, inspiring and beautiful (I know, I read the script!). This film is important.
— Simone Kisiel, Award Winning Filmmaker/CEO Magic Dog Productions
After having the pleasure of reading this script, only one thing came to mind, “This is a Sundance film.”
— Dante J. Aubain, Writer
(c) Photography provided by Holly Tomlin Photography